BBPS (Bharat Bill Pay )

The Bharat Bill Payments System (BBPS) is a payment channel system conceptualized by Reserve Bank of India (RBI) and driven by National Payments Corporation of India (NPCI) a subsidiary of RBI. It is a one-stop payment platform for all bills providing an interoperable and accessible “Anytime Anywhere” bill payment service to all customers across India with certainty, reliability and safety of transactions.

Category of Billers in Bharat BillPay: The category of billers eligible to participate in Bharat BillPay will be specified from time to time by Reserve bank of India (RBI). The current categories specified are as follows:
1. Electricity
2. Telecom (Mobile Post-paid, Landline Post-paid and Broadband)
3. DTH
4. Gas
5. Water

Over a period of time other categories like insurance premium, mutual funds, school fees, institution fees, credit cards, local taxes, invoice payments, etc. may be covered under Bharat BillPay.

GP Parsik Customer is requested to initiate Bharat BillPay transaction through Mobile Banking by registering and downloading bank’s mobile App (PARSIK Mobile Application) or can visit nearest Bank Branch.

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Bharat Bill pay Campaign Terms and Condition

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