Social Responsibilities

1. In October, 1985 Late. Gopinath Shivram Patil (, LLB) - The founder of Gopinath Patil Parsik Janata Sahakari Bank Ltd. & consumer co-operative society had initiated a proposal to Forest Department, Pune, to sought permission for a Green Initiative project. Forest Department allotted a hill, called Parsik Hill, which is situated nearby Kalwa Village and the well known Parsik Railway Tunnel. Forest Department permitted for the plantation on the Parsik Hill in 1990. For last 25 years the work of plantation and other related activities like minor irrigation, forest conservation are going on. Under the guidance of Board of Directors, employees of GP Parsik Bank have been regularly performing various activities to run this project effectively. Due to their hard work and consistency, the land admeasuring 70 hectare came under plantation. Once a barren hill is now covered with more than 1,50,000 trees, which is a huge success.

2. At the request of CIDCO LTD. in the year 1993, Parsik Bank has undertaken the development of garden on 14 acres of land situated near Belapur in Navi Mumbai area. The said garden was also named as Parsik Hill Garden. The employees and members of Board has given their total commitment for the development of garden.

3. Parsik Bank in the year 1998-99 has planted nearly 1200 plants in Kalwa Vitawa region under scheme called Clean Thane Green Thane, which was initiated by Thane Muncipal Corporation. It also included decoration of one traffic island and building a bus stop.

4. Other activities
• Educational help
• Medical help
• Building of shed for funeral & other religious activities
• Sports
• Financial assistance to social organizations

5. Bank has maintained a fund called Member Welfare Fund. Every year a considerable amount is contributed to this fund out of net profit earned by the bank

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