Unclaimed Deposits

How to claim unclaimed deposits from banks
As per the directives of Reserve Bank of India , the Bank is required to transfer the amount lying in any account in India which are not being operated upon for the period of 10 years or more to Depositors Education Awareness Fund Scheme, 2014 (DEAF) with the RBI within 3 months from the expiry of said period of 10 years. The display of the list of unclaimed deposit / Inoperative accounts which are inactive (Inoperative) for 10 years or more on its website is mandatory.

Claim by Self : If the account holder himself wishes to make a claim, he needs to visit the Home branch and submit the unclaimed deposits claim form which can be downloaded from the bank's website or obtained at the branch.

To activate your account, please visit your Base Branch of the Bank i.e where you have your account with following KYC documents in original for verification:

* Latest Photograph .
* Self attested copy of your photo Identity proof.
* Self attested copy of latest address proof.
* Account/Deposit number details that are in your name and are listed, along with Original passbook/deposit receipt/s.

Claim by Nominee:
1. Copy of death certificate of the account holder.
2. Branch while processing the applications will verify the nominations and follow the Bank's policy for claim settlement in case the claimant is a nominee.

Claim by the Legal heir:
1. Copy of death certificate of the account holder.
2. Branch while processing the applications will meticulously follow the Bank's policy for claim settlement of deceased depositor.

Claim of Non-individuals accounts (proprietorship, HUF and Company):
1. For claim of non-individual accounts including proprietorship, HUF and company etc the Claim forms will be submitted on Company's/firm's letter head duly signed by authorized signatories along with valid identity proof.

Claim in respect of Missing Persons
The settlement of claims in respect of missing persons would be governed by the provisions of Section 107/108 of the Indian Evidence Act, 1872.
The claimant has to visit the branch along with the following documents :

Documentation :
1. Proof of death of depositor(s) i.e Death Certificate.
2. Proof of identification of nominee(s) wherever is applicable such as Aadhar card, Election ID Card, PAN Card, Passport etc., or any other satisfactory proof of identification acceptable to the bank or proof of authority of legal heir(s) wherever is applicable.

The claims will be settled only after taking fresh KYC.

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