Real Time Gross Settlement ( RTGS )

Being member of Real Time Gross Settlement System (RTGS), our Bank offers transfer of funds through RTGS. Our customers can have prompt, efficient, secure, economical and reliable transfer of funds from our bank to the beneficiary’s accounts with other member banks across the country and from remitter’s account in a particular member bank to the beneficiary’s account with our bank. Minimum stipulated transaction value for using this facility is Rs.200000/-.

An electronic payment system in which payment instructions between our bank and other banks are processed and settled individually and on a real time basis for transaction value of Rs 2 lac and above. Under normal circumstances the beneficiary bank's branch receives the funds in real time as soon as funds are transferred by the remitting bank.

Note : RTGS systems work on all days except on 2nd , 4th Saturday, Sunday and national holidays across the states.

Beneficiary's Information Required for transfer of funds

• Name of the beneficiary
• Account Number of the beneficiary
• Amount to be remitted
• Name of the beneficiary bank, branch and its IFSC
• Sender to receiver information, if any
• Charges : UP TO Rs 5 lakh Rs 20/-
ABOVE Rs 5 lakh Rs 40/-


Monday to Saturday 7.00 a.m. to 6.00 p.m.
2nd and 4th Saturday Bank remain Closed

For further details contact your nearest branch

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